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5 proved fraud strategies you must know today

If you’ve not been scammed before and you don’t want to be scammed ever, it is necessary you had knowledge of most fraud strategies and how to identify them on social media to keep safe from falling victim. For those who have been scammed in the past, they have learnt things the hard way and believe me, they are still vulnerable to getting scammed again if they don’t know some other strategies used for scamming.

Through intensive research and accumulated people’s real-life experiences all over the world, I will be listing and explaining 5 proven fraud strategies used for scamming people on social media. Do well share your experiences with us too if you are a victim.

False military identities fraud strategies

On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even Twitter; fraudsters have invaded them to get people scammed of their money and assets. One of these fraudsters’ strategies is the use of false military identity accounts on social media. They act as retired or active soldiers and all you see in their accounts are impersonated military personnel images and details, especially the United States Army personnels. Through numerous and intense research, it was discovered that 70% of scammed people were deceived and scammed by military personnel and we have discovered how to identify a fake social media account or a scammer’s account.

These scammers have strong power of oratory and can sway or convince you into having deals, feelings and even affection for them. Most of them either claim to be on peace keeping missions in discrete locations like Kabul, Aleppo in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and some other insurgency affected locations in the world; while some others claim to be retirees of the military profession but having the same aim which is scamming victims.

Also take note, these false militants always lure people who they intend to scam to continue the chat in the Google Chat app or Google Hangouts app before they can scam them; so if you’re chatting someone presently on Google Hangout or Google chat app who claims to be a soldier especially a US army personnel, please go check out things again.

Crypto mining and investment companies’ fraud strategies

Fraudsters on different social media also act as cryptocurrency mining and investment firms which would either encourage you to invest your money or crypto through them. They convince you that you would make lots of money in the investment but end up scamming you of the investment funds.

Some of them might not even tell you to send them the money to them directly or buy crypto from them, rather, they act as mentors to direct you on how to invest on a platform while you keep sending Screenshots of the transaction to them for more directions; all they need to have access to your account or wallet are those Screenshots; so if you’re not aware of this, you will send them Screenshots as proves of the transaction and end up not finding your money in your wallet any longer.

Mind you, anyone that comes to lure you into crypto investment on social media mostly Facebook, Instagram and telegram is a scam. Report and block such accounts immediately for your safety and others too.

Gay and lesbian impersonated accounts fraud strategies

Most gays and lesbians you see lately on social media aren’t real personalities but impersonators looking for people to scam. Their profiles are edited in an attractive way for fellow gays and lesbians on social media. They get to capture their client’s hearts with nudes and continuous nudes of them. They sometimes even promise to come to meet their client until they finally scam them of their money and that’s over. They also sell nudes of the impersonated person to their clients and their clients think it’s from the main person.

Giveaway platforms and websites fraud strategies

Due to the strong appetite for money and bonuses, these fraudsters take advantage of people’s vulnerability and quest to defraud them. Online platforms have come out with many impressive and enticing offers for people but their main motives are usually stealth from these people. These platforms can either offer to give free cryptocurrencies but in a bit to gain it, your important details and credentials are siege either through the signup process or any algorithmic process and the user wouldn’t know that. These important details are then used for illegitimate activities.

An example is: signing up into an unverified or unknown platform with your Facebook or Instagram account details— your account could be hacked because they now have details of your account and this is how so many got their very important social media accounts hacked.

Make sure you prove every website or platform before you input your delicate details. They also offer giveaways like iPhones, laptop gadgets and assets. Once you are eventually convinced by them have on the item, the charge you either a shipping, custom and other miscellaneous fees which won’t even be compared to what they claimed you’ve won and you would be tempted to paying the bills and that all- the money is gone.

Celebrity impersonation on social media fraud strategies

These fraudsters also impersonate celebrities, politicians, officials and all manner of the high calibre of people. They chat people up on social media and offer a giveaway opportunity but end up scamming them. They offer giveaway opportunities with huge profits and attach a little money to them.

The money attached is usual not by any means correlated to what the offer so the people fall victims trying to forfeit a little to earn more. It’s most effective on greedy people. They take advantage of the celebrity’s fame and glory to easy convince and sway people to do their bidding and scam them of their money.

Phishing fraud strategies

Scammers use another undercover strategy to scam lots of people. This strategy is know as phishing. Any one without the knowledge of phishing could fall victims to it. Phishing is a process where by delicate data of a person or firm is spoofed in other to use the details to execute some fraudulent aims. Hackers use malwares, viruses and even websites to get informations like atm details, login details and even confidential documents; so that they could use them to steal and defraud the owners and other available people.


If you have read these strategies and also got to read other related content through their links, you are equipped for the saga against fraudsters. Do well to make use of your block options once you discover a scammer’s account, you get a scam-related message or chat even when you see a fake giveaway message.

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